Many people believe that taking care of the environment is a matter for government agencies and industrialists. A man in the street thinks thus: “Nothing depends on me.  I’m just an average man. The real damage to Nature is inflicted by large-scale industrial enterprises.”

But if you multiply a meager carbon footprint of such a person by seven billion people currently living on the planet, you get a significant impact on the state of the Earth’s ecosphere.

  • In any good deed, one should start with oneself.

The Oroeco mobile application is a calculator of the user’s carbon footprint left in the process of everyday life and routine.

How the Carbon Footprint Calculator Works

The Oroeco app utilizes data from a personal “account book,” where the user records daily expenses and income.

  • At the end of the month, the carbon footprint calculator generates a report from which the user can see and estimate the personal impact on the environment.
  • The reports of the carbon calculator will help the user revisit the patterns of personal consumption and change habits from intensive exploitation of Nature to a mode of environmental preservation and sustainable development.
  • Abandoning the most harmful consumption habits can help not only improve the state of the ecosphere but also to save the family budget and to make it possible to redirect the saved funds to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

By the way, the average amount of carbon emissions per person reaches six tons annually. These figures already suggest that the impact of a particular person on the environment is not that insignificant.

The highest carbon footprint is left by residents of industrially developed and prosperous countries of the world, which are precisely the most concerned about the tasks of preserving and saving a clean and safe environment.

A Society of Mindful Consumption

The last two centuries have been marked by the comprehensive growth of mass consumption, ensured by the rapid development of industrial production and the technological revolution.

The underside of a significant increase in living standards was the negative industrial impact on the environment.

Numerous legislative acts and laws regulating industrial emissions have already been introduced at the State level to reduce the negative impact on ecology.

It’s time for each particular man to increase their personal measure of responsibility for the planet’s preservation  for future generations.

The rapid growth of production and consumption resulted in a swift deterioration of the ecological situation on Earth. If human society does not immediately change its consumption habits, global warming may lead to a significant increase in sea levels in the coming decades. Hundreds of large megacities on the coasts of Europe and America will be flooded. Climate change will lead to a decrease in agricultural production and hunger.

The Oroeco mobile application will help responsible people to make their personal contributions to the preservation of life on Earth.