Bobby Parrish is the creator of the popular FlavCity channel on YouTube, where he shares useful and creative cooking recipes with housewives and cooks from around the world. Bobby is a home-cooked, self-taught chef whose mother taught him to cook. Nevertheless, it did not prevent him to win the cooking competition, becoming a member of the Food Network, Rachael Ray Show and others.

Bobby Parrish and his wife Dessie founded the so-called FlavCity as a project for themselves and their loved ones. It happened a few years ago. Subsequently, as the brand began to gain momentum, both gave up their primary work to fully focus on FlavCity. Now, they have a huge follower army, and that’s more than a million domestic cooks. In addition, anyone can find their daily recipes and other interesting content on YouTube, social media and FlavCity.

Bobby Approved features

Not long ago, this talented family released their own app called Bobby Approved. However, with this now, all consumers can easily learn how to buy the highest quality products in a grocery store.

You will have no difficulty in using Bobby Approved. All you have to do is point the camera and scan the bar code. The tool will immediately show whether the intended pasta pack, loaf of bread or box of cereal is made of the best ingredients in the class. On the other hand, perhaps better, you must put these products back on the shelf as soon as possible.

Feedback on Bobby Approved

To better understand what Bobby Approved is capable of, you want to give you some feedback.

First review

I’ve been watching Bobby and Dessie for over a year on YouTube. And they completely changed my life with their advice and recipes. Now, thanks to the Bobby Approved app, which literally tells you what to buy and what not to buy, there is no need to think whether a product is good for your body (and in most cases, this food only hurts). The application works without problems when scanning bar codes (there are even images of goods). It even details why Bobby can’t approve something. Bobby and Dessie also have links to their YouTube videos and a list of approved products that many popular grocery stores sell. I can’t believe this app is free! Make yourself a useful gift and download it right now!

Second review

That app is a great way to find out which products are healthy. That it easily identifies bad ingredients is a definite advantage. However, it does not have many images of approved products. In addition, it would be useful if developers added more stores. For example, Harris Teeter and Publix. I love that Bobby linked his YouTube videos to specific products. Nevertheless, I think it would be very helpful to me to see which store also sells its approved products. In his video, he checks and approves many products. However, there are very few in the app. Therefore, this is a great free app, but I hope it will get better soon.