All users know that search engines (like Google and others) are designed to quickly get answers to any questions from websites on the Internet.

The Ecosia company from Berlin has developed a similarly-named mobile application, with which each user will be able to contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment.

The Ecosia Search System

It is quite an original solution. The Ecosia app is a web browser with an in-built ecological search engine.

What does “ecological search engine” mean? With the help of the Ecosia browser, users collect funds that are subsequently spent on various environmental projects. At the present stage, the main activity of Ecosia has become tree planting.

  • Besides search services, the Ecosia browser features sponsored paid advertising.
  • 80% of the funds received from advertisers go to environmental undertakings.
  • The Ecosia company transfers up to 100,000 euros per month for ecological projects.

As early as by the summer of 2019, more than 60 million trees had been planted with the funds collected by the application. That has been done mainly on the African continent, where predatory deforestation led to a sharp expansion of the desert area.

The Advantages of the Ecosia Browser

The browser is based on the Chromium engine (like Google Chrome), ensuring high performance and reliable personal data protection.

Besides the tasks of raising funds for environmental projects, the creators of the Ecosia application have put the protection of users’ privacy at the forefront.

It’s no secret that popular search engines actively collect information about user activities on the Internet. This data is used to examine and analyze consumer behavior.

The result of such research is that people are vexed by tons of ubiquitous ads, from which there is nowhere to escape.

The Ecosia company does not collect information about users of its environmental search engine and does not transfer personal data to third-party organizations.

The privacy of Ecosia’s users is reliably protected, including by a secure data exchange protocol that utilizes encryption and SSL certification.

Both servers and data centers of the Ecosia company are supplied by electricity from renewable sources. Just one search query on the Internet via the browser makes it possible to clean about one kilogram of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Planting trees with the funds collected by the application not only improves the ecological situation on the planet but also has a beneficial effect on the economy.

According to current statistics, about 25% of Earth’s inhabitants earn their livelihood through the exploitation of forest resources.

Trees provide people with fuel, as well as materials for making furniture, building houses, creating tools and household items. A large number of tree species have edible fruits. Roots, bark, and some wood types are used as food.

Forests make a significant contribution to the purification of the atmosphere from carbon dioxide. Scientists call forests the “lungs of the planet,” as trees emit oxygen into the atmosphere in the process of vital activity.