All people use their phones differently. It depends on many factors, such as a person’s profession, interests, tasks to be solved, and so on. Some users continue to use only standard applications, while others combine the capabilities of voice communication with communication in social media, and additionally download games and applications to expand the functionality of their device. There are many different options, so let’s take a look at the fun and interesting apps that you can install on your phone for free today.

Fun mobile applications, their features, and installation benefits

  1. 9GAD contains a vast number of different jokes, memes, as well as funny pictures and videos that users can access by installing the application on their device. The advantage is that people can share files with their friends on social media. The application has a large amount of content, including memes in both Russian and English. Moreover, it does not require a lot of storage space on the smartphone.
  2. Lie Detector. The idea behind the application is very interesting. The app has no special purpose, but it is easy to understand from its name what it can be used for. The Lie Detector allows users to understand how honest their interlocutors are. The application simulates the operation of a real device, but of course, you shouldn’t take the results seriously, it’s just a way to have fun with friends.
  3. Broken Screen. This application causes concern among users of various ages. The thing is that it simulates a broken screen in many different ways, and it looks very realistic. You can even start a timer to trigger the glass break effect at the set time.
  4. Voice Modulator. After you install the app on your phone, you will be able to change your voice when talking. The program applies special effects to the audio recording. The application is convenient to use, which makes it even more popular among users.
  5. The Brainless puzzle is free to download and has a Russian version. The game offers users certain tasks that they must complete, developing their critical thinking in the process. The puzzle works both online and offline. Users receive prizes for completing tasks.

These were the top 5 mobile applications that you can download for free. You can find more useful information about interesting applications on the website. It should be noted that many of the listed applications do not need an Internet connection, which is great since they can be used anywhere. You can also download fun applications that are guaranteed to please you and your friends.