Mobile devices have long occupied an important place in our lives and have become indispensable helpers in various spheres, reflected in how we listen to music. Today, each of us has a high-performance smartphone that can play audio files and edit them right in the gadget, literally on the go.

This is why modern developers have created a lot of applications to edit sound files on mobile devices that can simplify the process of creating and processing music.

Moreover, some programs also have versions for computers, which helps them to synchronize the results between different gadgets without difficulty. You don’t even have to pay for subscriptions for these programs because they can be free software for PC.

free software for PC
Software for PC

Types of popular mobile software

One of the most popular applications for changing music files is Apple GarageBand. It is a high-performance mobile application that helps users create, record and edit music for iPad and iPhone. It will allow you to use many helpful tools, such as electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, drums, bass guitars, and keyboard instruments.

Also, this program will allow you to work with other musicians and summarise their works on the projects. GarageBand is an excellent option for artists of all levels, such as beginners and professionals. Another popular music editing program for mobile devices is FL Studio Mobile.

It is an excellent option for performers who want to record professional music on their smartphones or tablets. With FL Studio Mobile, you can create, record and edit audio files on your phone using different tools and sound effects. Moreover, this application has an automatic synchronization feature that will help you to work on projects on other devices.

Thanks to this, this program is the best option for those users who are constantly making progress in their creative way. Regarding its functionality, the mobile version of this program has already become as popular as FL Studio for laptop or computer.

If you need both a simple and high-performance application for music editing on smartphones and tablets, then you should pay attention to Audacity.

Mobile application for music editing

It is a free program that supports many audio file formats and has many features for editing audio tracks. With Audacity, you can create professional music compositions, modify voice recordings and add unique sound effects. It is easy to use and has many flexible parameters, thanks to which you can generate a unique sound product.

For those users who work with DJ sound equipment, Edjing Mix can be a great choice. It will allow you to create music mixes directly on your mobile device and has a direct integration feature with popular DJ platforms such as SoundCloud and Deezer. This application has a simple and intuitive interface, and because of this, it has long become an excellent choice for novice DJ musicians.


There are a lot of quality programs for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Moreover, the emulator of applications for mobile devices will help you efficiently run any program on laptops. But if your computer runs on Windows 7, which you have not purchased from Microsoft officially, this is not a problem.

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