About the Commons Law Project

The Commons Law Project is a bold attempt to imagine a new architecture of law and public policy that can effectively address climate change and other urgent ecological problems while advancing human rights and social empowerment.  Given the manifest failures of the existing State/Market duopoly to achieve these goals, is imperative that we move beyond reforms of the existing system to instigate new types of governance structures.  We see “commons law” (not to be confused with common law) as a way to integrate a broader notion of economics, human rights, and commons-based governance into a compelling new paradigm of environmental protection.  

Our book, Green Governance:  Ecological Survival, Human Rights, and Law of the Commons (Cambridge University Press, 2013) provides a full argument for this vision.  It was preceded and grows out of an earlier, unpublished essay, “Regenerating the Human Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment in the Commons Renaissance.”  The essay is available for download on this website.  We are grateful to the HKH Foundation and Arsenault Family Foundation for their generous support of the Commons Law Project through June 2o12.

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